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Tuition and Books
Tuition (per semester hour)  $       55.00
Audit (per semester hour)  $       35.00
Books (approximate cost per semester)  $     200.00 – $ 350.00

Books and Materials

Books are not provided by BCE but may be purchased from the college’s library or other area Christian book stores.  The above cost of books is an estimate only to assist students in budgeting education expenses.

Room and Board

Room and board (per semester) *  $  2,500.00
Room deposit *  $     500.00

* Accommodations are made for single students only; married students/families are  responsible for making their own housing arrangements.


A deposit of $ 250.00 should be included with the student’s application; it is refundable at the time of graduation or at withdrawal if there is no claim against it.

Other Applicable Fees *

Application (non-refundable)  $    25.00

Registration (per semester)  $    15.00

Withdrawal from class (after 4th week) $    50.00

Withdrawal from college   $  100.00

Technology fee (for credit courses) $     10.00 per hour  (maximum $ 100.00) 

Technology fee (for audit courses)  $       5.00 per hour (maximum $  50.00)

Student activities (per semester)  $  100.00

*All appropriate fees are due at the time of class registration.

Payment of Student Account

Any unfulfilled financial obligations a student has from all previous academic years must be settled before registering for a new semester of classes.  When this has been done, the payment of tuition is the final step in the registration process.  Registration is considered to be incomplete until satisfactory financial arrangements have been made with the business office. 

Neither transcripts nor diplomas will be released until a student’s account has been paid in full.

● Students may make payment in full for all charges due, less the processed financial aid (see following important note)* at the time of registration.

Many students receive financial assistance from sources not administered by the college.  Students expecting to receive such financial aid must provide written confirmation to BCE’s business office detailing the following information:

○ Identification of the recipient
○ The amount of financial aid
○ A schedule of payment
* Please note:  Financial assistance for students from any source other than the college must be paid directly to the college.  Checks are to be written to the order of Blueridge College of Evangelism and notation made on the check identifying the appropriate student/recipient.

● A deferred payment plan may be arranged, but only after securing college approval prior to registration.  This method requires the following:

○ The student’s balance is the figure remaining after financial aid or
any other deductions have been made. 
○ At the time of registration 30% of this balance is to be paid.
○ The remaining balance is to be paid in three equal monthly
installments, plus applicable fees.

Refund Policy

● Withdrawal from the college

If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from BCE, or elects to vacate, or is dismissed, a portion of his tuition will be refunded in accordance with the following schedule, minus a one hundred dollar ($100.00) withdrawal fee:  A refund will be mailed to the appropriate address after a satisfactory inspection has been made of the on-campus student’s premises and other after the student’s account has been paid.
Week of Semester  Percentage of Refund

End of Week 1    50%
End of Week 2    40%
End of Week 3    30%
Week 4 and after    no refund

● Withdrawal from a class
Students who withdraw from individual classes by the end of the fourth week of a semester will receive a 50% refund.  After the fourth week of a semester, withdrawal from an individual class, but not from the college, will result in no refund.

Work Program

Limited funds are available for part-time on-campus employment in various positions, including housekeeping, grounds-keeping, maintenance, and assistance in library and/or cafeteria.  Contact the college administration for further information.

Student Scholarships

Requests for information on availability of student scholarships should be made directly to the business office.  All students receiving scholarships must demonstrate and maintain satisfactory academic progress.  If a student is placed on academic probation, loss of scholarship will automatically result.


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