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BL 251 Greek I An introduction to the study of the “Koine” Greek language. 3 hours
BL 252 Greek II Continuation of a study of the “Koine” Greek language, including vocabulary, form, syntax, and reading of selected text. 3 hours
BL 351 Greek III An advanced study of the Greek language with emphasis on translation. 2 hours
BL 352 Greek IV Continuation of study of Greek language, with emphasis upon translation. 2 hours
BL 421 Hebrew I An introduction to the Hebrew language. 3 hours
BL 422 Hebrew II A review of the basic principles of the Hebrew language with emphasis upon exegesis. 3 hours
CD 101 Basic
Christian Doctrine
A survey of fundamental doctrines of the Bible and methods for study of the Bible. 3 hours
CD 110 Hermeneutics A study of the principles and methods of the science of literary interpretation as applied to the Bible. 2 hours
CD 331
Biblical Text
and Canon
The history and transmission of the Hebrew text. Attention to manuscripts, versions, methods of textual criticism, and the
work of scribes who copied the text. How and when the various
Old Testament books were accepted as canonical by the religious world.
3 hours
CD 410 Apologetics A course designed to discuss evidences of Christianity. 2 hours
CD 431 Development
of Doctrine
An in-depth study of the essential doctrines of Christianity. 3 hours
ED 101 Christian Living for Women An examination focusing on issuing relating to women– life stages, families, marriage, singleness, personal ministries, professions, mentorship, establishing godly Christian homes and relationships. 2 hours
ED 110
Christian Education
An introduction to Christian education based on theological, philosophical, historical, sociological foundations, with special emphasis on the principles of teaching and learning as applied to various age levels. 2 hours
ED 210
Educational Psychology
A study of the psychological changes and problems relating to
children and adolescents, with emphasis on educational readiness and abstract thinking. Focus on how principles of learning can be
applied in classroom situations.
2 hours
ED 310
Youth Ministry Curriculum Dev.
Development of a curriculum that teaches the student how to prepare and use creative lessons in youth situations. 2 hours
ED 405 Teaching in Content Areas General study of teaching skills and strategies for teachers, instructional planning, lesson presentation strategies, evaluation, classroom management. 2 hours
ED 410
Marriage & Family
A study of dating, marriage, family, and relationships with focus on Biblical principles for building, strengthening, and maintaining Christian homes and complementing ministries within the preaching profession. 2 hours
EN 101
1st semester
College English I
A course emphasizing basic and remedial skills. 2 hours
EN 102
2nd semester
College English I
Practical application of the entire writing process, including spelling and grammar, and introduction to research skills based on library resources. 2 hours
EN 201
1st semester
Advanced College English
Advanced preparation in the writing process, including spelling and grammar, research of topics, and library skills. 3 hours
EN 202
2nd semester
Advanced College English
Advanced study of composition, stress upon spelling, grammar, punctuation, library research, and communication skills. 3 hours
EN 235 Logic A study designed to help the student understand the simple forms of logical reasoning and to understand and detect the common fallacies of thinking. 2 hours
EN 300 Adolescent & Children's Literature A survey and analysis of traditional, contemporary, and Christian literature for children and youth (toddlers to teens). Discusses ways to encourage reading as the course introduces students to various books and authors. 2 hours
GE 300 Geography of
The Bible
Introduction to the field of geography based upon a survey of Biblical lands. Includes use of and familiarity with atlases, maps, globe, and other visual media, while investigating significance of location in time and space. Considers strategic importance of the region in light of modern day focus on Mid-Eastern events and their relationship to Biblical events and prophecies. 2 hours
HI 101
God, Family and
A consideration of how America’s religious heritage has been impacted by changing political and social trends. Positively explains and clarifies the meaning of the onstitution and amendments which address religious freedoms. Considers various avenues through which Christians can defend America’s Christian heritage and help return her to submission as “one nation under God. 2 hours
HI 200
Between the
An investigation of the approximately 400-year period from the closure of the Old Testament writings to the birth of Christ as revealed in the New Testament. Involves a survey of the cultural, political, economic, and religious aspects of the world as they influenced and affected Biblical events, in preparation for the birth and work of Christ. 2 hours
HI 210 Church History A study of the history of the church from its establishment in the book of Acts through the period of the Middle Ages, ending at the Protestant Reformation in the 1500s. Views the expansion of the church, the doctrinal beliefs and practices, and the influential persons and events, that impacted how the church was shaped. 3 hours
HI 300 American Religious
A survey of America’s religious history resulting from impact of the Protestant Reformation and rise of denominations. Traces events and religious influences affecting America’s identity and culture from colonial settlement to the present. 3 hours
HI 401 History of the Restoration Movement I Begins at opening of 19th century as American culture was forming. This first of the series on the Restoration Movement highlights the seed of the movement through the lives and work of Thomas and Alexander Campbell, Barton W. Stone, and others. The course outlines far-reaching influences of these and subsequent leaders, of events, and guiding principles that impacted the American setting. These principles were those which sought to bring unity among Christians in the desire to return to New Testament Christianity. 2 hours
HI 402 History of the Restoration Movement II From the beginning of the 20th century to the present day, continued study of the Restoration Movement – how it has been influenced by contemporary culture, trends, etc. and how it has had an effect on modern religious society. Including the international setting, the course explores the factors that continue to shape the life, success, and future of the movement. 2 hours
MI 302 Missiology A study of the task of doing mission. Examines principles of church growth and planting on the mission field. Studies cultural elements for a sensitive approach for attracting conversion of nonbelievers. Considers suitable mechanisms to establish worship communities and to foster the spread of Christian principles. Includes Bible translations and distribution, reaching the unreached and keeping pace with current methods of communication. 2 hours
MI 303
Missions for the
Restoration Movement
A survey of the history, scope, personnel, and problems of the missionary efforts of the American Restoration movement. 2 hours

MI 321 Cults and Foreign Religions I

A study of the history and thought of worldwide religions and cults. Examines major beliefs, traditions, writings, and expectations for supporters of these religious groups. 2 hours
MI 322 Cults and
Foreign Religions II
Continuation of the examination of origins and beliefs of religions and cults throughout the world. 2 hours
MI 402 Urban Egangelism A course designed to teach the dynamics of large city evangelism and to introduce students to various methods used to establish congregations and to sustain them in these settings. 2 hours
MU 102 Introduction
to Music
An introduction to music in the church, including the organization and implementation of music programs within the overall worship service in church. Includes basics of leading congregational singing, directing choirs, and examining ways to incorporate music into the total worship experience. 2 hours
MU 200
Basic Piano
Basic piano, reading music, note recognition 2 hours
MU 300 Individual Piano
Private instrucition in Piano. 2 hours
NT 101 Harmony of the Gospels I Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John 2 hours
NT 102 Harmony of the Gospels II Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John 2 hours
NT 132 Acts 3 hours
NT 201 Gospel of John   3 hours
NT 210 New Testament
A capsule survey of authorship, dating, significant persons, summary of themes and theological messages that form the books of the New Testament into a unified body of literature and which outlines the reason for Christian beliefs and faith. When companioned with the Old Testament Survey (OT 110), the resulting brief sketch of the Bible in its entirety sets the foundation for a more intensive examination of the richness that lies within the context of each and every one of the books of the Bible. 2 hours
NT 213 I & II Thessalonians   1 hour
NT 214 Prison Epistles I Phillipians and Philemon 2 hours
NT 303 Galatians   1 hour
NT 313 Priston Epistles II Ephesians and Colossians 2 hours
NT 321 Romans, Part I   2 hours
NT 322 Romans, Part II   2 hours
NT 401 I & II Peter   2 hours
NT 402 Hebrews   3 hours
NT 410 James and Jude   2 hours
NT 411 I, II & III John   1 hour
NT 414 Revelation   2 hours
NT 416 Pastoral Epistles I & II Timothy and Titus 2 hours
NT 431
I Corinthians
  2 hours
NT 432
II Corinthians
  2 hours
OT 101 Early Hebrew History I Genesis and Exodus 3 hours
OT 102 Early Hebrew History II Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy 3 hours
OT 110 Old Testament Survey A capsule survey of authorship, dating, significant persons, summary of themes and events that shaped the Old Testament world. Effects of geographical location and archaeological findings applicable to the historical regions and to the context of the writings will also be addressed. When paired with New Testament Survey (NT 210), the resulting brief sketch of the Bible in its entirety sets the foundation for a more intensive examination of the richness that lies within the context of each and every one of the books of the Bible. 2 hours
OT 201 History of Israel I Joshua, Judges, and Ruth 3 hours
OT 202 History of Israel II I-II Samuel 3 hours
OT 214 Post-Exilic Israel Nehemiah, Esther, Ezra, I-II Chronicles
2 hours
OT 223 Wisdom Literature Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon 3 hours
OT 301 History of Israel III I-II Kings 3 hours
OT 320
Survey of the Minor Prophets
Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah; and post-exile books of Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi 3 hours
OT 340
Survey of the Major Prophets
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel 3 hours
OT 412 Isaiah   3 hours
OT 413
Jeremiah and Lamentations
  3 hours
OT 414 Daniel   3 hours
OT 415 Ezekiel   3 hours
PM 101 Evangelism Seminar Freshman, 1st semester 1/2 hour
PM 101F Field Experience Freshman, 1st semester 1 hour
PM 102 Evangelism Seminar Freshman, 2nd semester 1/2 hour
PM 102F
Field Experience
Freshman, 2nd semester 1 hour
PM 201 Evangelism Seminar Sophomore, 1st semester 1/2 hour
PM 201F
Field Experience
Sophomore, 1st semester 1 hour
PM 202 Evangelism Seminar Sophomore, 2nd semester 1/2 hour
PM 202F
Field Experience
sophomore, 2nd semester 1 hour
PM 301 Evangelism Seminar Junior, 1st semester 1/2 hour
PM 301F
Field Experience
Junor, 1st semester 1 hour
PM 302 Evangelism Seminar Junior, 2nd semester 1/2 hour
PM 302F
Field Experience
Junior, 2nd semester 1 hour
PM 401 Evangelism Seminar Senior, 1st semester 1/2 hour
PM 401F
Field Experience
Senior, 1st semester 1 hour
PM 402 Evangelism Seminar Senior, 2nd semester 1/2 hour
PM 402F
Field Experience
Senior, 2nd semester 1 hour
PM 110
Youth Ministry
A survey of the methods and means of working with youth from primary through college. 2 hours
PM 211 Homiletics I
(Same as Speech I)
Principles and practice of speech communication specifically for the task of preaching. Designed to introduce students to the art of being effective Bible teachers and in practicing skills for teaching in various occasions in the church and community. Same as “Speech” course in B.S. degree program. 2 hours
PM 212 Homiletics II Continuation of Homiletics I, practicing the principles of speech communication for the purpose of preaching. 2 hours
PM 222 Practical Ministries Supervised field work with a local congregation. Both senior minister and student file reports to document service. 2 hours
PM 231 Principles of Church Growth Introduction to and study of churches, how they grow, or become stagnant, problems and issues to weigh, prevalent influences, etc. 2 hours
PM 251 Practical Ministries: Home & Church Practical application of highlighting kinds of ministries that can be done not only in formal settings in the church but also in more casual surroundings such as the home, small group settings, and other environments. 2 hours
PM 262 Youth Ministry for Pre-Teens The class is designed to help the youth minister in designing lessons and activities for the more concrete thinking student in youth groups. 2 hours
PM 321 Advanced Homiletics III Further study in the art of sermon preparation and delivery with special attention given to developing a preaching program for use in located ministry. Includes evaluation of personal preaching style. 2 hours
PM 322 Advanced Homiletics IV Continued development of sermon preparation and delivery, with attention to self- and audience-awareness, presentation skills in the preaching program. 2 hours
PM 330 Administration of Church Library Planning and preparation for establishing a church library; includes selection of reading materials and other media resources, cataloging techniques, management and direction, as well as oversight of reading programs and activities to encourage Christian reading and music. 2 hours
PM 340 Financial Management in Ministry An introduction to the principles of economics, sound financial planning, budgeting, management of income resources, and time management. 2 hours
PM 360 Camp Management An introduction to the organization, facilitation, and leadership of Christian camps. 1 hour
PM 362 Bible Bowl Organization and administration of a Bible Bowl program. 2 hours
PM 410 Church Leadership A class designed to help both preachers and church leaders work together more efficiently in designing and clarifying job descriptions, responsibilities, and duties in order to aid the local congregation. Includes discussion of such topics as shepherding, evangelism, conservation, Sunday School program, baptismal committee, revivals, programs in missions, locating and contracting with ministers, first-year programs and five- and ten-year goals for the local congregation. 2 hours
PM 421 Church Administration A practical study introducing the students to the many facets of administration in the local congregation, including conducting programs, establishing policies, and managing problems through conflict resolution techniques, etc. 2 hours
PS 101 Introduction to Psychology Survey of the fundamentals of the nature and the scope of psychological principles. 2 hours
PS 102 Human Growth and Development An examination of the growth and development of individuals, with emphasis on the entire life span. Attention to physiological and psychological progressions and changes, as well as to spiritual aspects that impress upon these different stages of growth. 2 hours
PS 401 Principles of Counseling A foundational study of the basic principles, theories, and techniques involved in the counseling process, including methods of resolution for conflict in relationships and situations, skill in developing ability to grow and mature despite conflicts and seemingly negative circumstances, and emphasis upon professional ethics in all counseling situations. 2 hours
SS 110 Women's Role in the Church Addresses the current discussion and disagreement regarding roles in the church. Considers cultural influences, social challenges, and doctrinal practices. Encourages Biblical study and Christ-like attitudes for harmonious growth and worship in congregations. 1 hour
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